There are many great products that can help you add insulation to your home when new siding is installed. Every home is different, so we recommend consulting with your Insulate Ohio contractor to determine which products is are best for your home and budget.


Sheathing Products

Sheathing products such as ProFold Fanfold and ProBoard Sheathing are flat foam insulation products that can be installed under nearly any type of siding you choose for your home. The main benefits of these products are they provide insulation value and level the wall for a more perfect siding installation.


Sheathings that Manage Moisture

Products like HalfbackH20 provide the same insulation & wall-leveling benefits as traditional sheathing, but provide advanced moisture management. Built-in moisture grooves channel bulk water away from your home, protecting against potential mold & mildew damage.


Contoured Insulation for Vinyl

If you’re in the market for new vinyl siding, contoured insulation that is precision cut to fit your particular siding is the best option available today. FullbackV completely fills the hollow void behind the siding, providing wall-leveling benefits, insulation value, improved appearance, and significant impact resistance.


Insulation for Plank Sidings

If you’re installing any “plank-style siding” such as fiber cement or SmartSide engineered wood, Linebacker siding insulation is your best choice. Not only does it level the wall and provide insulation value, but it also has built-in installation guides, ensuring each course of siding is installed perfectly.


Original Series Insulation

All of the insulation products shown here are available in our Original Series, made of white expanded polystyrene insulation manufactured to the highest standards. Original series insulation will improve the energy efficiency of your home while appealing to the budget-conscious homeowner.


Premium Series Insulation

All of the insulation products shown here are also available in our Premium Series, made of Neopor from BASF. Neopor’s special formulation gives it a dark gray color and more insulation value per inch, providing more energy saving benefit than our original series insulation products.