Above: Sabrina Johnson, owner of KDCO Home Improvement in Akron, Ohio, explains why it was so important for her company to join the Insulate Ohio initiative.

What is Insulate Ohio?

Insulate Ohio was started by a network of building products professionals committed to making Ohio homes more energy-efficient. Our goal is to inform homeowners about why they should add insulation to their homes when having new siding installed, and offer the highest quality products made right here in Ohio.

Made here. Installed here. Enjoyed here.

Everyone benefits when the products promoted through the Insulate Ohio initiative are used here in our own state. Homeowner’s enjoy reduced utility bills and more comfortable, quiet, durable homes. Contractors get to make a living by providing high-quality products they can feel good about. Manufacturers get to keep making & supplying these high-quality products. This keeps Ohio companies in business, Ohioans working, and makes Ohio homes more energy-efficient.

About Progressive Foam:

Located in Beach City, Ohio (south of Canton), Progressive Foam provides a portfolio of insulation products to match any kind of siding, with performance attributes that address a wide range of homeowner needs. Progressive Foam is the only company that focuses solely on providing insulation solutions for new siding. Their products are specially designed to provide maximum benefits, beyond insulation.

To hear their story about growing into a multi-million dollar building products company from very humble beginnings in an Ohio pole barn, watch the video on the left.